​Our story


The association was founded in 2015, for the following purposes:

– Contribute to improving the living conditions on developing countries in the social, cultural, educational, and especially, healthcare and nutritional fields, as well as the integral development of people affected by poverty in said countries .
– Contribute to the prevention of child problems in the places associated with situations of malnutrition and disability.
– Contribute to the improvement of living conditions, comprehensive development and the integration into our society of immigrants from developing countries.
– Contribute to the prominence of civil society in places where activities are carried out, favoring their participation in the initiatives.
– Carrying out international cooperation activities for development.

This ambitious proposal wouldn't be possible without the development of the multiple activities carried out in our association. We are going to describe them below:

– Prepare, promote and execute activities, programs and development cooperation projects in developing countries.
– Develop, promote, and execute activities, programs, and projects for the care and integration of migrants.
– Promote co-development through different activities, programs and projects.
– Establish agreements with public and private entities, national and foreign, for the implementation, financing and execution of all activities, programs and projects carried out by Oportunidades de vida Association in the fulfillment of its purposes.
– Develop and execute campaigns and actions of:
• Prevention in the health and education fields.
• Assistance to people with disabilities.
• Eradication of any kind of discrimination.
• Dispensary of supplies, medicines, food or other goods to the users of the association.

– Prepare, promote, execute and participate in research, study, publication and training programs about the social reality of developing countries in the social, cultural, educational fields, and especially, in the healthcare and nutritional fields. Education and awareness for development and co-development, and on the fight against poverty from a comprehensive approach.
– Develop economic activities that contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the Oportunidades de Vida Association, within the legal framework established for such activities.

"Everyone deserves a second chance"

We are a non-profit Association, whose purpose is to develop different actions aimed at combating the exclusion of groups with difficulties, providing them with tools, assistance and support to face their situation.


Offer personalized and specific attention to families and groups with special vulnerability who are experiencing different difficulties through advice and assistance, with special emphasis on the needs of children and youth.


Improve the quality of life of all citizens, with the purpose of contributing to the eradication of poverty and social exclusion, having as the main axis of work families and minors who have been punished for various circumstances.